Westlawn Memorial
Park Cemetery

State Route 33 West
Newton, IL 62448

807 East Jourdan St
Newton, IL 62448

Phone: 618-783-2416
Toll Free: 800-669-2416
Fax: 618-783-3867



Westlawn Memorial Park, Inc. was established in 1957 by R.L. (Cookie) Clark. Many memorial gardens (all markers/monuments are flush with the ground to minimize maintenance costs) were being developed in the mid-1950's. Cookie, owning a monument company and sensing the loss of market share to these memorial gardens, established Westlawn Memorial Park to help counter that trend. He decided Westlawn would be a privately owned, perpetual care cemetery--perpetual care meaning no tax money or donations are received to maintain the grounds. All funds must come from cemetery operations--the sale of lots, grave opening fees, etc.

Seven of ten acres were developed, creating a final resting place for over two-thousand deceased loved ones. Gene Schackmann and James Dhom purchased Westlawn in 1982, and in 1997, Karen Bolander purchased the cemetery. A scattering garden for cremains was added in the northeast corner of the cemetery in 2005. In 2007, a concrete pad was added on the north end of the cemetery to accommodate committal tent services when ground or gravesite conditions are unsafe.

Located on west Route 33 in Newton, Illinois, with fine statuary and well-kept grounds and features, Westlawn Memorial Park continues to be an aesthetically pleasing location for burial.